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Would you like to learn all about Yoga?


Would you like to learn about Yoga?

Do you have experience and knowledge about Yoga?

Are you looking for a better way to feel your body, to explore your body, to strengthen and keeping your body flexible?

To learn to let go of stress, tension and to feel relaxed?

My Yoga classes

In a friendly and intuitive way we learn to move, open and work with our body and mind. We find the right balance to relax and to let go of any stress and tension which might be accumulated for a long time in our body.

Asanas and bodywork are the main focus in my classes. This will be intensified through guided breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Working with your breath will bring your awareness back to your body and mind.

To honor and to appreciate your body is a great way to learn about yourself.

Anybody can join my classes - whether you're a beginner or already experienced. Everyone can adjust the duration, repetition and variation of an Asana according to their individual needs.

Ursula Yoga
Ursula Yoga
Ursula Yoga
Ursula Yoga

About Me

I was born in Germany in 1966 and a qualified Yoga instructor since 1994.

I trained with The Yoga School of Arts in Byron Bay, Australia for 9 month with ‘The Yoga Teacher Alliance’.

All through my life, I have updated my Yoga training and courses regularly.

I taught and lived in Australia for many years.

For 4 years, I taught at ‘The Sanctuary-Resort-Detox- Centre-Spa ‘Koh Pha Nagan, Thailand.

Every year, I teach yoga in Goa, India from end of November till end of March.

I also teach in Germany and Italy!

During my classes we work with the support of blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets.

The Yoga style is my own creation of Hatha Yoga mixed with an Iyengar background.

I'd like to give special thanks to my teachers - Glenn Ceresoli, Lance Schuler, Louisa Shear, Clive Sheradon and Surrinder Singh.

Yoga is ... Not only the practice of asana.
It is a beautiful play of working with the body, awareness, relaxation and meditation,
Together with the flow of the breath,
Sometimes a bit dynamic, sometimes more quiet, to experience the silence.

Yoga promotes

  • Our health and general well-being
  • The release of stress, tension in our body and quieting the mind
  • To strengthening our muscles, body tissue, ligaments, joints and nerves
  • All our inner organs will be optimize through our blood circulation while practicing Yoga
  • The flexibility of our joints and spine will be activated
  • All our deep muscle tissues will be strengthened
  • Our body will be purified and prepared for meditation

Through Yoga we will find more tranquility, serenity and mindfulness in a time of permanent distraction of all our senses.

I offer you

Open Course:

Candolim, Goa, India

Germany / Oberammergau

2 times / year weekend Yoga workshop May / Nov
Info: mail@yogaursula.com

Hannover Germany

Italy Yoga and Holiday

Contact and info: mail@yogaursula.com

Private Yoga Session:

an individual class structured as per your requirement.

Jacobsen’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Class

Relaxation Teacher

Spine and Vertebrae Training



Workshop Germany/Oberammergau
Workshop Germany/Oberammergau
Workshop Germany/Oberammergau
Workshop Germany/Oberammergau
Workshop Germany/Oberammergau
Workshop Germany/Oberammergau

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